Since 2004 Yoga on the Park has provided a welcoming space to do safe transformational yoga, follow a meditation regime, and create community.

In 2015, the owners —Joanne Ransom and Joanne Gormley—decided to look for someone to take over the studio’s management.
We accepted this challenge. We were just three individuals, connected on a personal level, with our own small businesses: Emily was a massage therapist (now a yoga teacher as well!); Malcolm, a yoga teacher and writer and Julie, a yoga teacher and writer.
Now we have become a team of three, each with our own particular skill set and life objectives/intentions. We became owners of YOGA ON THE PARK STUDIO.


We set out to provide continuity and renewal in this yoga studio. 

Its name was changed to Yoga on the Park Studio (mainly because of the widespread assumption that we practice outside in the park!). We have expanded the class schedule and added more types of classes. Renovations were done (more to follow!). The Joannes continue to teach mid-morning classes and workshops at Yoga on the Park Studio.
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  • Emily has been practising massage therapy for 10 years, graduating from Kine-Concept in 2005 with her foundation in Therapeutic Swedish Massage. She has gone on to do further training in Hot Stone and Cranial Sacral Therapy and complete her training in Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage therapy at the Lotus Palm Centre. In 2010, a search of a technique to better treat chronic and acute conditions led Emily to find Bowen Therapy which allows her to treat a number of chronic and acute ailments effectively and without painful manipulations. She then completed her practitioner training in this technique in 2012. She became a yoga teacher in 2017, after training with OM West.

    In 2011 Emily was blessed with her first child and then in 2012 found out she would be expecting twins. Being the proud mother of 3 young boys has helped give her a unique perspective on the importance of balance in her own life and has helped to strengthen her will to bring it to those around her.

  • The thread of yoga in Malcolm’s life began in his teens reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. He was drawn to Sivananda classes in college but it was not until 1985 that he began his regular yoga practice. For two decades his teacher Mollie Lawson guided him through the full range of yoga practice from triangles to circumambulations of a holy mountain in India. He has explored many practices called ‘yoga’. Since 2002 he has been teaching hatha yoga. His students find clarity, intensity and gentle encouragement in his classes.

    Malcolm began his writing career in Ottawa in the federal government working his way up to speech writing in the office of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. As a freelance speechwriter he followed a path learning about Canadian politics and business, from mayors (with special fondness for the years working with Montreal Mayor Jean Doré and the Montreal Citizens Movement) to railway presidents, and subjects ranging from the International Space Station to linoleum flooring. Finally, he has begun writing in his own voice, and several books of poetry and short stories will be available in 2018.

  • Julie comes from a background of teaching high school English, drama and art. Thirty-five years of teaching has given her the sense of what happens in a class of any kind, and her yoga students feel safe and cared for. Her more recent development as a yoga teacher has sought techniques to ease the body and calm the mind, including Yin, Nidra and Restorative practices.

    She began her physical exercise path at 30, after a health scare which made her quit smoking and start running. She found that her body loves movement. Then ten years of karate training and a first level black belt taught her more about movement and facing one’s fears. Yoga has come to her late in life, and she has immersed herself in it. She has been teaching yoga since 2013.

    In therapy on and off for 40 years she learned about dealing with the adult effects of childhood trauma and found personal transformation. Her novel, Both Sides Now (now available), explores these themes in a searing story of betrayal, survival and living well. Yoga practice and teaching are a culmination of this path for her. As Eckhart Tolle puts it: “When you surrender to what is, and become fully present, the past ceases to have any power.”
  • “When you surrender to what is, and become fully present,
    the past ceases to have any power.”

    – Eckhart Tolle