Beginner Classes

Why take a beginner class?


M Why take a beginner class?

J Good question but perhaps a better one is: Why take a yoga class?

M That’s easy. For steady breath, a body at ease and a calm mind. Also, for flexibility, balance, and strength.

J The first time I went to a class with a headache, this became clear. The headache disappeared and I never even noticed it going. Once also I went to yoga at the tail end of a cough. I even warned the teacher that I might start coughing and have to leave…it didn’t happen. My airways opened and I started to breathe much easier.

M Or the time you put me in a yin posture to ease my gall bladder pain. Supported supta virasana, I remember… very comfortable and after not too long the discomfort went away. Then there’s the stress level, how it just starts to taper off during a practice as you connect to the movement. The mind and the body are changed after a yoga class.

J That is, after the right yoga class. There are many things to consider here: the type of yoga, the time of day, the type of class, the teacher. A 7 AM Flex Flow may be great for one person; for another the late afternoon gentle is perfect; a Saturday morning Vinyasa Flow is ideal for someone is good shape already; but other people might do much better with a Moderate class…

M Which brings us back to the initial question: why take a beginner’s class?

J I wish there had been a Beginner class when I started. I was floundering around and struggling to understand what I was doing. I was asking a lot of questions. But a Beginner class presents a lot of that information directly. There’s time to get your body and mind into the posture, and more instruction about how you practice.

M That’s certainly what we have in mind for our Beginner classes at Yoga on the Park Studio. We’re going to cover all of the basic types of postures: that is twists, backbends, forward bends, balancing postures, standing postures, etc. There will be Salutes to the Sun, basic breathing techniques, and a taste of meditation.

J We’re also going to explain more about why we are doing the practice, and some of the philosophy behind it. And this class, even more than others, we will be open and encouraging to questions.

Beginners Class

Still wondering what yoga is all about? Thinking about taking your first yoga class?

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