Emily Mclean

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Emily has been practising Massage therapy for 10 years, graduating from Kine-Concept in 2005 with her foundation in Therapeutic Swedish Massage. She has gone on to do further training in Hot Stone and Cranial Sacral Therapy and complete her training in Ayurveda Thai Yoga Massage therapy at the Lotus Palm Centre.
In 2010, a search of a technique to better treat chronic and acute conditions lead Emily to find Bowen Therapy which allows her to treat a number of chronic and acute ailments effectively and without painful manipulations. She then completed her practitioner training in this technique in 2012.
In 2011 Emily was blessed with her first child and then in 2012 found out she would be expecting twins. Being the proud mother of 3 young boys has helped give her a unique perspective on the importance of balance in her own life and has helped to strengthen her will to bring it to those around her.
Emily enjoys biking, swimming and still loves yoga even if it means only a quick savasana first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Isabelle Mclean Smith

(514) 649-3995 imcleansmith@gmail.com

Isabelle McLean-Smith, BSc, CAT(C), CSCS completed a Bachelor’s degree with distinction at Concordia University in Exercise Science with a specialization in Athletic Therapy. She recently obtained her certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As of 2013, she has been acting as Head Therapist and providing care to the players of the Westmount Rugby Club and the St-Laurent Spartans Football teams, and currently serves as Staff Therapist for the McGill Martlets rugby team. Since 2014, Isabelle has also been working as a personal trainer and treating privately as an Athletic Therapist.

Jenn Pilon

(514) 992-7278  jennp246@hotmail.com

A certified massage therapist with the AMQ, Jenn graduated first in her class from Interdec College specializing in Swedish, therapeutic, relaxation, hot stone, and specific muscle massage. Combining these diverse areas of massage therapy has given her the ability to treat a wide variety of skeletal-muscular issues; ranging from sports injuries to muscle complications due to sedentary lifestyle and the aging process.


Dominic Tambuzzo

(514) 833-4778 tambuzzo@gmail.com

During a stay in India in 2011 Dominic discovered the art and science of Ayurveda, a holistic and natural health care system practiced for 5,000 years now. It was there he reached certification in Ayurvedic massage at the Institute Ayurvéda Ayuskama in Dharamsala. Since then, he has kept on broadening his massage therapy knowledge and techniques in North America, at the Ayurveda Kripalu School in Massachusetts. He has meanwhile pursued in-depth studies in Ayurveda. With a diploma (500 hours) as an Ayurvedic practitioner and a naturopath, he provides private consultations on appointment.



Joanne Ransom

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Joanne Ransom has been practising massage / body work since 1990, trained at Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health, and in Jin Shin Do. She provides a treatment that combines Swedish massage with acupressure.
Joanne came to bodywork first as a client, and found it to be so helpful and transformative, facilitating a deeper connection with her body and helping her feel present.
Joanne believes that in an ideal world we should all get massage daily!
‘A good massage is nourishing and healing on so many levels, and of course relaxing; a time out from our busy lives. Best of all, a good massage feels great, deliciously great!’


Please contact therapist to make an appointment at (514) 484-1931 or joannerans@gmail.com