Julie Nadler, MA, RYT. On the first leg of my journey, I was a runner, a karate black belt and a high school English teacher. When I retired, yoga found me. As a yoga teacher I draw on training in Yin yoga, with Angela Reid, Principle-Based Partner yoga, with Elysabeth Williamson, and 35 years of classroom teaching. Now, whether practicing or teaching, yoga is a thread that runs through all of my days. The asana practice has made me stronger, more flexible, and more balanced. Meditation has given me greater inner peace and a greater willingness to accept what is. This physical and spiritual well-being is what I share with my students. Aside from our commonalities, we all have our own strengths, our own challenges and our own special needs. It is these differences that I most wish to respect and address as a teacher. Yoga for everybody and every body; yoga for all seasons.