Yoga for Your Group

Yoga on the Park Studio can provide the opportunity for your group to experience a yoga practice in your own setting.

Each group class is customized to suit the different experience and physical conditions of the people in the group. They can range from:

  • gentle classes in a chair, to
  • a variety of gentle and moderate classes on a mat,
  • restful yin and restorative practices,
  • all the way to vigorous flowing classes that challenge elite athletes.

These classes may vary in duration; and they can be offered in locations ranging from a boardroom, a beach, a deck, a basement, an office or a studio.

Whether your group is formed of office workers, students, seniors, or members of a sports team, our teachers are experienced in providing them the benefits of a yoga practice that is suitable for them.

Let us know about your group. Let’s talk about how we can bring yoga to them!